Cadel Evans


The new Hammer Series was announced this week and it ushers in the beginning of a new form of stage racing. \

Where everything goes according to plan, the sport will be benefitting financially, while fans would be helped to become increasingly engaged.

The series which would begin in early June with an event in Limburg will see professional teams compete against each other over three days. Also, for the general public, a number of related activities has been slated out.

The announcement made on Wednesday didn’t make any mention of racing for women and Graham Bartlett, the CEO of the team organization Velon was asked if any plans had been made to incorporate women’s racing.

Bartlett said:

“We’ve already done some down in the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race. We ran some data and technology with onboard cameras and with data from the women’s race in Australia.

“This is something that we would definitely like to do more of, if we can if we can help the women side of the sport.”

Speaking on, Bartlett emphasized on the need to concentrate on creating a festival of cycling in Limburg and not be overly concerned with the pro race or other things. He however reiterated that they won’t mind if they have to try to expand and extend the technology wherever they could.

Bartlett however said that Velon wouldn’t mind helping out the organisers it is in a race partnership with if they had any women’s race. He also noted that the video from the onboard camera for the Cadel Evans women race had been quite as popular, as those for the men.

Bartlett also believes that there’s a big chance of women’s racing being part of the Hammer Series down the line.