Cadel Evans


Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race, created by Cadel Evans, will in 2017 be the first one-day WorldTour race to be done on Australian soil.

It would be a part of Tour Down Under which is in the top tier calendar of the cycling sport. The race which is in its third year, has quite surprisingly sprung to the highest point anyone can get to see in UCI. It started at a status of UCI 1.1 in 2015 but in 2016 it had been elevated to 1.HC. After it was noticed for what it offers.

The race which was created by Cadel Evans has taken a lot of accolades. Cadel Evans, who had won a lot of race including Tour de France (2011) and World Championship (2011), created the first edition of this race at the end of his great career.

The 174km race will start and finish in Geelong, which are the 2010 worlds. The race will course through the Great Ocean road and through an inland route back before entering seaside city. Then, the cyclists would get the chance to course through Queens Park Road, Melville Avenue, and Hyland Street climbs. And these places are the points of excitement and selection in the finale before they finish flatly on the waterfront.

Despite being a WorldTour race, it was agreed that only 13 WorldTour teams will compete in the race in 2017. This development happened after UCI announced that it was not compulsory for 18 teams to be a part of the race and it was not compulsory they partake in the 10 news events found on the sport calendar. The reason for this development is because it is a new WorldTour race. Therefore, the top 13 teams would be only ones allowed to partake in the competition.